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Troye Sivan - ‘Happy Little Pill’ (2014)

Troye Sivan – ‘Happy Little Pill’ (2014)

This review is one month late, that I know; but as the saying goes ‘better late than never’ and when it comes to Troye Sivan’s ‘Happy Little Pill’ this has never been more true.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when presented with this slightly less than four minutes pop tune as I didn’t know much about the artist or his mode.  The most I knew of Troye Sivan was that he is a South African born…

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Craig Ward - New Third Lanark (2014)

Craig Ward – New Third Lanark (2014)

Craig Ward3Hi there. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really listened to ‘ambient’ music and I must admit to having a negative opinion on something I have never really given a chance – a prejudice if you will. I suppose I have always associated it with a certain type of person who, dare I say it, is into feng shui, yoga, vegetarianism and who knows what else. Having done some research I learned Craig…

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Vomitface - ‘Sat In Your Lap (Kate Bush Cover)’ (2014)

Vomitface – ‘Sat In Your Lap (Kate Bush Cover)’ (2014)


First off, I love Kate Bush. I got the track in my mail and thought, ‘Hell yeah, my return to The Other Side Reviews marked with a new Kate Bush song!’, and then I went and listened to it on YouTube. The original Kate Bush song that is, and after drowning in glorious stark-raving madness and eclecticism and idiosyncrasy for a while I realized, ‘Fuck, I’ve heard this before.’

So, it wasn’t a new…

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Rise Against - ‘I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore’ (2014)

Rise Against – ‘I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore’ (2014)


I lost interest in Rise Against just after the Swing Life Away era a decade ago, and since Siren Song of The Counter Culture they have failed over and over again to recapture it. Their new album, The Black Market,and its first single ‘I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore” is no different; and while the album did in fact mark the highest charting position of the band’s career in the UK at number 13…

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It Prevails - ‘Glimpse’ (2014)

It Prevails – ‘Glimpse’ (2014)

It Prevails1I suppose the evolutionary perspective of rock ‘n’ roll leads to rock music and soft rock, grunge and other permutations, including what It Prevails have to offer – whose influences (according to Wikipedia) draw from 90’s melodic metalcore and classic rock. I suppose when we label something, we are trying to make sense of it by relating to it to something we already know… but is this dangerous?…

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Sleeping Orchard - George (2014)

Sleeping Orchard – George (2014)


Sleeping Orchard are back to grace my ears again, and this time with a longer, fuller offering. For those of you who remember I had the pleasure of getting a first listen of the psychedelic three piece a few months back as part of the introducing section. Well I can tell you now that some things have changed; the sound of the music is far less psychedelic and has more blues inspired sound than…

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The Penelopes - ‘Time to Shine’ (2014)

The Penelopes – ‘Time to Shine’ (2014)

the penelopesParisian indie-pop duo The Penelopes recently released their new single, ‘Time to Shine’.

All at once it is immediately grabbing and it’s easy to hear certain strains of both The Chap and Electric Youth in the driven, synth heavy musicality it also seems that Hot Chip may have been an influence in both tonality and lyrical dynamism. However, that isn’t to belittle the achievements of The…

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The Golden Grass - The Golden Grass (2014)

Album review: The Golden Grass - The Golden Grass (2014)

Listening to this album I couldn’t believe how steeped in 60’s & 70’s rock it sounded. I didn’t think they made music like this anymore. At last something contemporary that I could get into which doesn’t sound like a carbon-copy rip off of something else. It’s like a nod to those times but it has a sound entirely of its own. This is a funky little album, which I think you’ll enjoy. So lets take a…

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