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The Golden Grass - The Golden Grass (2014)

Album review: The Golden Grass - The Golden Grass (2014)

Listening to this album I couldn’t believe how steeped in 60’s & 70’s rock it sounded. I didn’t think they made music like this anymore. At last something contemporary that I could get into which doesn’t sound like a carbon-copy rip off of something else. It’s like a nod to those times but it has a sound entirely of its own. This is a funky little album, which I think you’ll enjoy. So lets take a…

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5 Seconds Of Summer Release ‘Amnesia’

5 Seconds Of Summer Release ‘Amnesia’

While they may have been hopping around in superhero costumes for their ‘Don’t Stop’ video, the 5 Seconds of Summer boys have decided to adopt a rather mature stance for their latest production.  Released yesterday (July 1st, 2014), the ‘Amnesia’ lyrics video presents with a full black-and-white construction reflecting words off the different artists’ faces.  Somber, honest and sincere, you can…

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Neon Sarcastic - ‘Illusionists’ (2014)

Single review: Neon Sarcastic - ‘Illusionists’ (2014)

Art. A simple three-letter word that encapsulates so much. I deem myself an artist with my dazzling writing as my canvas, whereas another may fully disagree believing that art is a whirlpool of colours splashed across the bedroom wall. Another may feel art is a ballerina gracefully twirling in time to Swan Lake, and another…oh the list is endless. The fact is: art is an illusion. Fabricated lies,…

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New album and UK tour for Gaslight Anthem


Are you ready Gaslight Anthem fans?  After two years of waiting, the New Jersey boys are back with their fifth studio album, Get Hurt, as well as a string of UK shows in November!

The new album was recorded in Nashville at Blackbird Studios with Mike Crossey – the same guy who recorded with Jake Bugg and Arctic Monkeys.  If you want a taste check out their website for a promo clipof the new…

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Various Artists - Motown 7’s Volume 2 (2014)

Various Artists – Motown 7′s Volume 2 (2014)

motown 7s set picAs record labels go, Motown is arguably the most important both stylistically and culturally.  The music it delivered showcased a fresh pop-tinged soul that is immediately catchy, and of course it is regarded as the epitome of a crossover genre, breaking down prejudice and allowing racial integration in popular music.  It paved the way for countless talent, helping start the careers of Michael…

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Cheetah Chrome - Solo (2014)

Album review: Cheetah Chrome - Solo (2014)

I had never heard of Cheetah Chrome before now and found his first solo record, entitled Solo to be on thCheetah Chrome 'Solo'e whole quite disappointing. According to his press release he comes from a background of punk and although this EP has echoes of his past I generally found it clichéd and watered down. The songs lack imagination and I think this is due to a lack of any real song-writing prowess. Having said…

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A Chat With Egokiller (27.05.2014)

A Chat With Egokiller (27.05.2014)

Over the last year the band Egokiller has been releasing a track per week in order to help raise money for homeless charities. A daunting task, to say the least, the group has risen to the task with aplomb and seem set to make musical history by creating such a diverse range of sounds, all for a fantastic cause.

Aside from raising money for the charity, the group is trying to raise awareness of…

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Vomitface - Vomitface (2014)

New album review: Vomitface - Vomitface (2014)

vomitfaceI despise labels. I truly hate the fact that contemporary music culture can cause bands like My Chemical Romance to begin their career as punk, establish an emo genre, and then retire as one of the mass alternative rock musicians. True, MCR was a band that redefined themselves from album to album; but, this does not reduce the ridiculousness of constantly emerging genres on a daily basis. Fact…

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